Sunday, 25 October 2009

"Fantastic Expedition"

The debut issue of "Fantastic Expedition" is just out.

As well as an in-depth feature on Dillard & Clark it features some previously unseen pictures from the Dillard & Clark Expedition show at the Troubadour in '68. Also includes a new interview with Dan Peek of America and plenty of other West Coast goodies.

Contact Jason Smith for details -


Brendan said...

Looks like a great read! Right up my alley. Where can I find more information about this publication?

RP said...

Contact Jason Smith for details -

Jingle Jangle Mourning said...

Got this in the post last week, haven't had time to read it yet. It looks really interesting, any fan of Byrds/Gene Clark/Dillards/D&C etc. should grab this.

Definately well worth spending £3.75 on.

Jason Smith said...

Thanks to everyone that has bought my new fanzine FANTASTIC EXPEDITION. I really appreciate the positive comments.

For those of you that may not have heard issue 1 features a 26 page article on Dillard & Clark concentrating on their debut album and also features some previously unpublished photos of the group playing live at the Troubadour in Decemeber 1968.

This issue also features an article on AMERICA's early years with a new interview with founding member Dan Peek.

It's been interesting to hear that so many people are fans of AMERICA's early albums and don't just rate them as C.S.N. & Y rip offs which much of the press would have us believe.

The idea of the fanzine is to feature lesser known groups or those off the critical radar so it's welcoming to know my first choice has been vindicated and hopefully will encourage the uninitiated to check them out.

Issue 2 is underway and I've been very lucky the since my article on Dillard & Clark I've managed to get in touch with both David Jackson & Byron Berline so plan to do a follow up article and/or interview.

Also in touch with the original drummer from PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE, a particular favourite band of mine, who is helping out with their early history. This issue should be available early next year.

Anyway, thanks again for your support.

For those interested copies can be obtained via me for £4.00 via PAPAL payable to helen.jason@ btinternet. com This is the UK rate where I'm based. The Europe rate is £4.50. and US rest of world rate £5.00. It's also for sale on Ebay.