Monday, 9 November 2009

Third World - MIracles/Baby Boeing

Third World - Miracles/Baby Boeing (CBS 7182. 1971)

Here's a great US sounding sunshine pop, not unlike The Groop. On a UK label and with Chris Spedding on guitars, so not sure if this was actually a UK band.


Sebastián Paredes said...

Hi. Great single indeed! Until now I hadn't had the chance to finally listen to it.

It was in fact the very first single of Sean Tyla, which was released as Third World. He later played with Help Yourself, and then with Ducks De Luxe, before going solo with his group Tyla Gang.

Thanks for bringing this rare and sunny single. :-)

Miguel Angel
(from Canciones Atomicas and Ventana Circular blogs:

RP said...

Thank you for the update, much appreciated!!