Thursday, 22 January 2009

Dave Lee & The Staggerlees

Dave Lee & The Staggerlees - Love Me (Oriole CB-1864. 1963)

Dave Lee & The Staggerlees - Sweet & Lovely (Oriole CB-1907. 1964)

The Staggerlees were well known around the South West during the early-mid sixties. As the "Staggerlees Rock Unit" they competed in, and won, Truro's annual Rock and Rhythm contest in 1962. The band soon built up an extensive following within Cornwall & Devon and became one of the first professional Cornish beat bands. The band turned pro and moved to Torquay, gigging around the Devon area.

The band ventured further afield, playing around the more lucrative Northern Working Men's Club circuit while based in Sheffield. This also lead to gigs around Germany were they share the bill at the Top Ten Club with Dave Dee and The Bostons (who became DDDBMT) and Jimmy Powell & The Jumping Jacks amongst many others.

Through the bands involvement with an agent in Sheffield the band scored a deal with Oriole records, where they recorded two singles. Unfortunately neither singles recieved much airplay failed to take off.

By 1967 Dave Lee had quit the band, which continued as The Staggerlees. The three peice continued playing the club circuit until fairly recently. Dave set up a folk club back in his native Redruth before embarking in a succesful 25 year career in photography.

The following singles are often attributed to the band, but are in fact not related to the Cornish Dave Lee & The Staggerlees:
Take Four / Five To Four On (Decca F11600) 1964
Adam Adamant / Georgia's Theme (Fontana TF723) 1966

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Psych Trail Mix

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