Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Trevor Gordon

Here's a couple of cool pop 45s from Trevor Gordon.

Trevor was from the UK, but made the trip to Australia in the mid-60s, where he became good friends with the Gibb brothers. He released three 45s on Leedon, one of which ("House Without Windows") was recorded with the Bee Gees. He also had his own kids TV show.

In 1967 he returned to the UK to join the band The Marbles with his cousin Graham Bonnet. The band would go on to international fame with Gibb penned and produced material.

Trev put out these two 45s for Pye in late 1966. I'm not sure if these were recorded with any input from Graham Bonnet, and without songwriting credits I don't know if they had any Gibb input. Anybody???

Trevor would go on to record an LP, Alphabet, in 1970 which I'd love to hear if anybody has a rip?

Love Comes and Goes/You're An E-Type (Pye 7N 17113. 1966)

Floating/Everyone Knows (Pye 7N 17168. 1966)