Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sonny Young - She Tore My Castles Down/Judy

Sonny Young - She Tore My Castles Down/Judy (SPQR 3320. 1964)

No info on this last batch I'm afraid. SQPR was a part of London Records, anybody know what it stood for?


david said...

S.P.Q.R. is an acronym for a Latin
phrase that translates into English
as "The Senate and people of Rome"
- it was the Roman Empire's equivalent to O.H.M.S.

SPQR was the sister label to Legrand Records, home of all those
early sixties hits by Gary U.S.Bonds. Label owner / Producer
Frank Guida was of Italian extraction, I'd guess using SPQR
was a nod to his family's original

Can't tell you anything about Sonny
Young other than that, like all of
Frank Guida's artists, was probably from the Norfolk,VA area
as that was where LeGran/SPQR were
based. It's Young's only known release and dates from late '64.


Esmenard Victor said...

Side A is a good song :)

You put it twice, instead of the B side.

Thank you.

pfft said...

She Tore... is totally weird and unique - great!!

pfft said...

Oh, and same problem as the Terry Haynes post - same song posted twice.

Anonymous said...

S.P.Q.R.= Sound Proof Quality Records


wilthomer said...

Weird that SPQR utilized the same background on the label that some US Deram, Press and Parrot pressings used.

Anonymous said...

Sonny Young was the nom de pop I used as a DJ and ended up as the artist name on this record, the only one I recorded for Frank Guida. At the time I was a song writer at Rockmaster, umbrella for SPQR and other Roman-themed labels.

SPQR is the abbreviation for the Latin, Senate and Citizens of Rome, emblem of the Roman Empire.


Anonymous said...

All London subsidiaries used orange swirl background for promos.

Anonymous said...

S = Senatus
PQ = Populesque
R = Romanus

My poor old memory tells me that's what SPQR stands for in Latin.

alexanderkingtickle said...

"she tore my castles down" definitely sounds alot later than 1964

i found this on the internet. its a release history about SPQR records.