Friday, 18 June 2010

The Light - Dawn/Don't Refuse Me

The Light - Dawn/Don't Refuse Me (MJB Acetate. 1966)

And another super obscure UK acetate.

Part of the Avenue Artistes stable of bands and presumibly from the Southampton area where the agency was based. Has a nice twangy guitar sound. As far as I'm aware this acetate didn't make it to the into the racks and the band didn't release any vinyl. Despite this an LP's worth of material was also recorded, but remains in the can.

The Embers - Looking Glass

The Embers - Looking Glass (Emidisc acetate)

Here's an unreleased acetate from the vaults.

Part of Bob Potters roster of artists. Bob now owns Lakeside and puts on the darts each year. In the 60s he had Wishful Thinking, Onyx, Embers and others as well as running several clubs in Surrey area. The Embers were a four piece that often supported and backed up bands, but never broke out on their own. A nice bit of phasing could have tranformed this into a great piece of pop psych, it's still a great track. The band recording quite a few tracks, some with Onyx members playing with the band, but never got managed to score a record deal. Great shame that this track has taken 40 year to finally get heard!